Updated Operating Standards

The whole world today faces a new challenge in the form of COVID-19, which has forced us all to rethink the way we work and collaborate. These unprecedented times have made it necessary to improvise on hygiene, both personal and environmental. We believe, the inevitable changes that continue to get implemented on how people and organizations collaborate, will only be for the better and will bring about newer opportunities for humankind, while becoming a more cohesive community.

At The Hive, it is our constant endeavor to provide and maintain a healthy and hygienic work environment for all our Community Members and we continue to adapt our operating standards towards the same. We have taken several steps with a holistic approach to mitigate the potential risks as well as to try and continue offering seamless experience to our Community. The Hive CARE Program is defined to simplify the new protocols and processes for our staff as well as for our Member Community. We continue to adapt our operating standards and define various controls, to be able to offer a seamless experience to you in these changed times.

You can read our updated operating procedures on The Hive COVID-19 Handbook (Version 19th May 2020) below that also highlights some actions to be taken by the Community, for the Community.

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