How can you save 25% costs by opting into flexible workspaces?

Any discussion about office spaces today certainly involves mention of collaborative workspaces or flexible & shared office spaces, which are fast becoming the go-to solutions for all businesses. A perfect mix of economical offerings & fostering growth, shared office spaces are truly an evolution of the conventional workspace.
The Hive Collaborative Workspaces, is a pan-India network of fully customized office spaces with centers live in Bangalore, Chennai, Pune & Hyderabad & new ones coming up in NCR and Mumbai. We offer office space memberships for 1–50+ employee businesses along with a complete suite of services. Our attentively crafted spaces are designed & maintained to foster wholesome growth for every member.
Choosing the right office space forms a large part of any organization’s work culture. Budget offerings are of special interest to smaller businesses while emerging enterprises seek to offer an attractive environment to work in. Of course, every business wants to keep its employees happy & hence healthily productive.
At The Hive Collaborative Workspaces, we combine the best of both worlds to provide a motivational working environment while saving up to 25% on costs. Here are 8 ways in which The Hive makes flexible workspaces affordable:
1. Professional Housekeeping Staff
As this Forbes article suggests, employee experience is a key part of the future of work. As a futuristic workspace, The Hive ensures a clean & refreshing working environment, thanks to our professional housekeeping staff. Whether you start your work at 9 in the morning or 9 in the evening, you’re welcomed by inspiring office space. Our community managers & support staff are always on hand to help with any issues you face, and our own team is always available to the community. With The Hive, it truly is a hassle-free experience.
2. 24×7 access, with 2-level security
The Hive is accessible to members at all hours of the day, with dedicated security guards available at all times. Whether it’s a late day at work or working with clients on a different continent, our flexible workspaces have your back. We also have round-the-clock security at the entrances to the office premises and a safe work environment for everyone irrespective of their work timings.
3. A spacious fully equipped pantry
Our thoughtfully crafted pantry spaces come with a coffee machine, snack vending machines, microwaves & more to serve your needs. Our pantry also doubles up as an event space, especially food-related ones, and you can expect plenty of tasty surprises from us. We also have partnerships with several outlets at The Hive shared office spaces in Whitefield, Bangalore that serve food right to your desk at member prices. Some of our members save thousands every month on their team’s catering requirements alone! Assuming an average consumption of 50 cups of tea/coffee per month per employee, you save 5% on your total monthly costs. You can look forward to a constant supply of the elixir that makes you tick.
4. Integrated parking space with membership plans
Our collaborative shared office space for rent provide access to multiple floors of basement parking space, which can be availed at discounted member prices. Our centres are located at carefully selected hub spots which have easy connectivity. We also keep in mind access to several business hubs, central locations & even the airport. With metro rail connectivity at both our live centers, access to The Hive becomes easier than ever. But for those who prefer their drive, parking is one less hassle to worry about.
Our members save nearly 30% on their parking costs as well as the frustration of hunting for a parking spot. You can rest assured about driving to work with a safe parking spot always available.
5. Serviced high-connectivity meeting rooms
Our meeting room facilities are highly sought after and equipped to handle all our members’ needs. Our attention to detail, tech connectivity & professional service has drawn praise from leading executives across the world. Furthermore, we make customized arrangements for your meeting needs upon request. Our team membership plans come with meeting room credits as real value addition.
6. Full suite of business services  
Our help desk is designed to cater to a full set of business needs. Concierge services & mail handling are provided to every member, and The Hive provides complete support in compliance/legal matters where necessary.
Modern printers service your daily printing & scanning requirements, credits for which are included in the price of our membership plans. We also have partnerships with several trustworthy businesses to help you get business cards, marketing collateral and more.
In addition to the convenience of having a printer within arm’s reach, you save 3% of your total monthly costs with credits under your membership plan. Every penny matters and we help you focus solely on growing your business.
7. Utilities  
An office space needs to be just like the community that works in it: professional. The Hive offers flexible workspaces where everything just works. Power back-up ensures that our air-conditioning, lights, electrical outlets, etc are always on and available to you.
8. Low-security deposit & flexible memberships  
At The Hive, we only collect a refundable security deposit of 1 month’s membership fee & the same 1 month as lock-in period. This provides you flexibility in terms of planning your membership, with multiple options even within our own space.
Traditional offices not only tie you down to an inflexible commitment but also charge a hefty security deposit. Assuming 12 months of rent, the interest you would accrue alone amount to 3% of your monthly office costs. Choose flexible workspaces and free your capital to be invested in the growth & culture of your company.
In today’s fast-paced world, they say ‘time is money’ and at The Hive we are dedicated to ensuring every member’s needs are right at hand. In terms of tangible benefits alone, choosing our workspace can save you up to 25% in costs.The positive effects on employee mood & productivity are invaluable additional benefits. The Hive is an energetic office space with an infectious buzz, and we encourage you to visit us for a taste of the experience.
Our membership plans start at Rs. 7,500/- per month, enabling a diverse set of professionals to enhance our community. We only require a refundable security deposit & minimum commitment of 1 month, with a notice period also of the same duration.
We also host fully customized office spaces that serve as a launch pad for our members that are on the hyper-growth path.
Feel free to call +91 70222 74000 or email to discuss your office space requirement with us. We would love to add you to our community of 1000+ happy members!
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