How flexible workspaces can provide work-life balance to your team?

Work-life balance – the ultimate equation for a well-rounded organization with happy & productive employees. Always sought after, not always easily achieved. Definitely more than just a buzz phrase, yet difficult to fit into a template that can be blindly followed by businesses. So, what really is a work-life balance?
In an ever increasingly competitive business world, organizations & their employees often find themselves struggling to maintain a balance between their professional & personal lives. Yet the millennial workforce is nothing if not aware of its needs for holistic growth, sacrificing none of their career growth while still maintaining a healthy social life. This seeming bundle of contradictions of a problem requires an equally out of the box solution.
While it’s easy to attribute the erosion of work-life balance to sometimes unavoidable factors such as long hours or deadline pressures, it’s much more complex than that. Long hours mean nothing if they’re not productive, and productivity is best achieved through satisfied & motivated employees. The major factors in the daily lives of any professional are the environment they work in, their peers, and how best their basic needs are met.
Traditional workspaces tend to be silos of dedicated office space with perhaps a cafeteria slapped on for good measure. The workspace of the future is radically different, providing an amalgam of all that one needs to fulfill their all-around needs. Co-working and shared office spaces have succeeded in cracking this code, reflected by their rapidly rising popularity in the world of real estate.
At The Hive, we take work-life balance to the next level with flexible workspaces that are designed & crafted with holistic growth for our members as a key aim. Here are 8 ways, small & big, in which we provide work-life balance to your team:
1. Beautifully designed, inspirational workspaces
At The Hive, we truly believe that our members are the lifeblood of our workspaces. This is why every single element is chosen with a particular philosophy in mind – to inspire, and we strive to not only match but exceed expectations.
Whether it’s creativity you need, space where you can brainstorm ideas or.. even yell at someone in privacy, we’ve got you covered. A splash of color, a view of the setting Sun to remind you of the hour, a quote from Mark Zuckerberg – there are countless ways to derive your dose of inspiration.
For those that love to unwind with a book or over a game, there’s always the games lounge & plenty of quiet yet ambient spots designed just with you in mind. A little bit of inspiration & motivation can go a long way towards the eagerness with which your teams face their challenges, and we aim to tilt the balance in their favor.
2. Flexible leases & transparent contracts
Leases, especially when it comes to office spaces can often be heavy-handed & a source of unnecessary stress to your organization. At The Hive Collaborative Workspaces, we offer flexible contracts from a single month to multi-year leases – tailored to best suit your needs.
Our standard membership plans come with a low-security deposit of one month’s membership fee and no hidden charges. This also allows you to better invest your capital into employee welfare activities, contributing to their satisfaction & work-life balance.
Our customized workspaces place the growth of your business as top priority. With transparent contracts, what you see is what you get – no more frustrating loss of productive hours over your office lease.
3. Hassle-free experience – everything just works!

The start to a day at the office can sometimes dictate on its own how the remainder of it will pass. We understand that braving traffic, weather, dust & more is plenty enough a challenge for our members every morning, and provide a hassle-free experience powered by design.

With integrated multi-level parking, finding a spot is one worry that you can cross off your list – permanently. A clean desk, spotless office surroundings equipped with the right mix of greenery & technology, and a coffee machine for your first cuppa of the day – all await our members, every day.

At The Hive collaborative workspaces, our human-centric design & professional maintenance staff ensure that every morning for our members begins pleasantly.

4. Fitness centre
One of the most undervalued & neglected aspects of professionals’ work-life equation is the need for physical exercise. Fitness – the one thing that everyone aspires to but finds hard to fit into their packed schedules with travel often cited as a hurdle.

As part of an integrated lifestyle destination, The Hive workspaces solves this problem by bringing the fitness center to you. Not only does exercise enhance physical fitness, but it is also well known as a mental stimulant that triggers happiness. Membership at our workspaces can go a long way towards achieving work-life balance.

5. Community
A key aspect of achieving work-life balance is social interaction, particularly with peers who are not necessarily colleagues. With a diverse set of companies & individuals as our members, we take delight in the amazing ways they naturally interact and form relationships.

From casual chats between individual members at the coffee machine to cross-company collaboration, we see it all bloom under our roof. We cherish & nurture this with community managers actively involved in making the right connections & fostering fruitful interactions.

Whether it’s a work-related roadblock or a personal matter, our members have a supportive community to reach out to. Individual concerns which might otherwise get overlooked in a traditional office space find new solutions here and contribute immensely to work-life balance.

6. Events & monthly networking mixers

At The Hive co-working spaces & shared offices, we regularly host a wide range of events which are educational, inspirational & most importantly fun.

Sticking to a computer screen to solve problems all day can get monotonous & lead to a drop in employee productivity. A well-deserved break now & then to engage in an event just a few steps away provides a good balance.

From TED talks to food tasting events from world-famous chefs, we strive to bring forth events to suit every member’s needs. Of course, our monthly networking mixers are a big hit with all our members who love the opportunity to let their hair down & get to know their community better.

We also encourage our members to host their own events and provide a platform from which they can give their brand a boost. This contributes to a sense of ownership & pride, and a rise in overall employee happiness ratings for our members.

7. Games Lounge & Library
When employees come together in traditional office spaces, their diverse interests can sometimes be overlooked in favor of organizational priorities. A master chess-player might fall out of touch with the game simply due to a lack of opportunity at the workspace.

Co-working spaces are acutely aware of the value that something as simple as a game of chess could contribute towards balancing the work-life equation for their members. The Hive offers a well-equipped games lounge & a regularly updated library section to help members stay in touch with their interests.

With hundreds of members frequenting these hotspots every day, there’s never a shortage of peers with similar interests. These micro-interactions foster a sense of belonging and boost employee happiness.

8. Partner offers & membership benefits

As the world’s leading flexible workspace that is part of an integrated lifestyle destination, we offer access to food & retail outlets like no other – with added member benefits.

While our pantry space is beautifully crafted & fully equipped to meet all needs, we understand that a change in scenery is always welcome. Members at The Hive have access to a virtually unlimited menu, the latest in fashion, and even a set of nightlife destinations at the press of an elevator button.

Team meetings are no longer fixed to a meeting room or even the office space, we see members talking business over beer like it’s a tradition. This freedom of choice and constantly updated member benefits mean that our members have all the elements needed to achieve work-life balance in the palm of their hands.

Get in touch with us today to avail a trial pass & experience our shared & private office spaces that unlock the perfect work-life balance for you & your team!
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