How flexible workspaces can transform your team’s experience at work?

The era of the millennials is well and truly here. Research shows that millennials are expected to compose more than half of the global workforce by 2020 & nearly 75% by 2025. The key characteristics that define today’s work culture are thus dictated by the likes & dislikes of this generation. Work-life balance, flexibility, a sense of community, colourful & lively spaces are some of the main factors that maximise employee satisfaction & productivity. Co-working & shared office spaces, which are fast becoming the go-to choice for all types of businesses, tick all the right boxes that meet these needs.
The Hive is a pan-India network of flexible & co-working workspaces with centers live in Bangalore, Chennai, Pune and Hyderabad & new ones coming up in NCR & Mumbai. We offer office space memberships for 1–50+ employee businesses along with a complete suite of services. Our customised offices & private office spaces are highly trusted by enterprises, blending the company ethos with our signature service.

While businesses try to provide the best of work environments for their teams, there are many factors to be considered. Here are 8 ways in which availing membership at

The Hive collaborative workspaces will help transform your team’s experience at work:

Tech equipped high connectivity workspace
In today’s world, technology is not only essential to businesses but indeed is the driver of growth. At The Hive, technology comes together with design to offer an intuitive and world class office space that will instantly win your trust.
From basics such as plug points & internet that is always-on, to printers, conference rooms, a member portal for all services – we’ve got it all covered. We ensure a hassle-free experience for your team, which allows them unperturbed focus on their tasks at hand.
A professional workspace has a profound impact on the psyche of your employees.
2. Recreational lounge & reading spaces
Our collaborative offices come equipped with spacious games lounges & library spaces which play the perfect foil to work related stress. Today’s workforce does not like being tied down to their desk – which is a health hazard in itself. Instead they are conscious of their work-life equation, and that both physical & mental activity are key to maintaining a healthy balance. From an active game of pool to a sit-down game of chess or jenga, we have games that suit every member’s tastes. A constant stream of players ensures that new relationships are formed every day, spilling over into more than just the gaming lounge. Our library sections feature the latest bestsellers as well as a slew of must-read business related books that are sure to enhance the reader’s understanding. Our thoughtful design ensures quiet well-lit places always available to those that prefer books for company. Cozy sofas, well-lit nooks, window side seats with a view; the choices for those that seek knowledge alongside work are now more abundant than ever.
3. An uplifting pantry space & a plethora of culinary options
Our thoughtfully crafted pantry spaces come with a coffee machine, snack vending machines, microwaves & more to serve your needs. Our pantry also doubles up as an event space, especially food-related ones, and you can expect plenty of tasty surprises from us.
We also have partnerships with several outlets around us that serve food right to your desk at member prices. With a virtually unlimited set of options to choose from and a beautiful space which you share with the community, lunch times will never be boring again.
The Hive Collaborative workspaces are part of the integrated lifestyle destinations by Virtuous Retail, bringing the best of world cuisine to your fingertips. We’ve even had Master Chefs (yes, from the popular TV show) put together some delicacies exclusively for our members!
Without getting carried away with the treat for your teams’ taste buds alone, our learnings from the happy faces of our community members show that the way to an employee’s heart might indeed be through their stomachs!
4. Designed to be conducive to creativity
One of the biggest generational shifts in how we work has been the move from closed/cubicled office spaces to open layout offices. This has brought about multiple benefits, and our workspaces are attentively designed to provide an eclectic mix of seating options to suit everyone.
An open layout with the same old traditional desks is no real departure from the office spaces of old. This is why at The Hive, we consciously craft spaces using the latest research in design to ensure a stimulating work atmosphere. Incorporating elements of color, seating, lighting & much more – our workspaces are designed to fit the lone maverick just as well as we fit teams of go-getters.
We have window-side bubble chairs with a beautiful view, reading nooks, telephone booths which provide privacy for conversations, meeting pods and more. No matter which type of space gets your team’s thought juices flowing, we’ve got you covered.
No wonder more and more companies are thinking out of the box – and beyond the cubicle!
5. Finding their jobs more meaningful
Working at a shared office space where they come in contact with different members from various types of organizations helps reduce the pressure that employees feel while working in a monotonous environment. The pressures of internal competition & even office politics to an extent become less stressful since there is always the option to take a breather & reset one’s state of mind.
This results in your team being more task & goal-oriented, driving productivity along with a more positive can-do attitude. Not only do they find their jobs more meaningful, but they also undergo wholesome personality growth through social interactions where they provide & receive help from others, all the while constantly learning.
Naturally employees that find their work more meaningful perform better and grow into better people on the path to building successful careers.
6. Diverse events & monthly networking mixers
As part of our constant endeavor to foster growth in all our members, we regularly host events ranging from TED talks to movie screenings and everything in between. These are almost always free to attend and bring our members fantastic & unforgettable experiences. This ensures that our space is always lively, buzzing & fatigue is never a factor.
We also host monthly networking mixers which are open to all our members & their guests – which open up multiple avenues of collaboration amongst our members, for business and otherwise. These are a huge hit with every member of our community, from the master-networkers to those still learning the ropes of the trade.
Networking is key to growing businesses & opening up avenues that might otherwise have been inaccessible. Being part of a flexible workspace comes with invaluable access to a diverse range of professionals. Fellow community members, event speakers with great experience in their fields, invitees at our mixers, and all their extended networks are yours to tap into.
7. Feeling valued by their employers
Another major component that defines employee job satisfaction is how highly they feel valued by their organization. While good HR practices are vital to maintaining this, the role that the work environment & other material factors have is also important to keep in mind.
The best workspaces are designed to provide an active, uplifting environment with plenty of amenities that outdo traditional office spaces. The Hive collaborative workspaces open the doors to a whole new level of facilities – from a multiplex to a spa & salon just an elevator ride away. Our constant effort to strike partnerships with more & diverse outlets to provide exclusive benefits ensures that our members can make full use of these, and always have someone from the community that shares their interests to go along.
With a membership at The Hive, you can kick back, relax & let us enrich your team’s daily experience – all the while accepting their joy at being highly valued!
8. A feeling of belonging to a community
Finally, we refer to what we truly believe is the lifeblood of our workspaces – your fellow community members. At The Hive, a friendly face is never too far away, and bonds are formed over everything from coffee machines to games of pool to networking mixers.
Whether it’s a friendship with a peer, tech help from a fellow start-up, mentor advice from senior community members who have seen it all or more, every relationship is just a friendly ‘hello’ away. It is an unprecedented change that collaborative workspaces have brought about – where billion-dollar enterprises & fledgling startups share the same space & learn from each other.
We’ve seen our members come together to collaborate in incredible ways, like bread & butter. Or to be more precise, dosas & chutneys – with one member being a billion dollar startup & the other taking its first steps into the business. The possibilities are endless, and we are delighted to be promoting such innovative paths of growth for our members.
Call +91 70222 74000 or email to discuss your office space requirement with us. We would love to add you to our community of 1000+ happy members!
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