What does the future of work look like?

The meteoric growth of co-working spaces or collaborative office spaces has introduced the world of workspaces to innovative ideas that have revolutionized the way we work. Gone are the days of generic cubicles which box in their inhabitants, to be replaced by open workspaces that are designed to facilitate collaboration. Startups looking for a hassle-free experience to large enterprises looking for customised or private office spaces as a way to boost employee satisfaction & retention, the world is taking note.

The move towards shared office space on rent is a natural response for organizations, given the evolving needs of today’s workforce. Millennials who already form a majority of today’s professionals prioritize work-life balance, and crave a work environment that inspires them.
In a CBRE survey, 70 percent of those surveyed said they would make various trade-offs including pay & promotion prospects to secure a better workspace.
As a futuristic workspace, we understand these needs and incorporate the latest in design & technology to meet & exceed them. With over 60 million sq. ft. of commercial real estate under management, we are re-imagining workspaces & molding them into integrated lifestyle destinations that promote holistic growth for all our members.

While businesses try to provide the best of work environments for their teams, there are many factors to be considered. Here are 8 ways in which availing membership at

Here are 6 ideas about the future of work that we take into consideration while crafting our inspirational workspaces:
1. Tech equipped high connecti
In a rapidly evolving economy encouraging the growth of businesses in new niches, and tightly run startups rising up to challenge the biggest enterprises, the nature of work itself is rapidly changing. As the nature of work changes, it is only natural that the ways in which it is carried out also adapt to meet new challenges.
The booming internet economy has revolutionized the ways in which organizations, both young & old, do business. New job positions with equally unheard of titles have cropped up and become part of daily lives. But the most significant change has perhaps been the interconnectedness of departments within organizations which have traditionally worked in silos.
Communication has become key to any organization’s success, with human skills becoming more important by the day. Co-working spaces provide a perfect platform for members to hone these skills through interaction with peers – both from within & outside their own organizations.
Open layouts break down the barriers to communication posed by traditional cubicled office spaces. Active areas such as games lounges and beautiful pantry spaces bring together a diverse set of people in an atmosphere conducive to interaction.
The Hive’s shared workspaces provides a common platform for all – from reputed founders to interns, everyone has something to contribute. The future belongs to those who can capitalize on this social interaction to expand their network & seize upon opportunities for collaborative growth.
2. Futuristic workspaces provide work-life balance
Talent acquisition & retention form a major part of any organization’s growth strategy. Attracting the cream of the workforce crop can sometimes be the difference between roaring success & crushing failure. With the needs & desires of the modern workforce in mind, the most appealing workspaces of the future will be those that can provide work-life balance.
While it is easy to refer to ‘talent’, it sometimes hides the fact that we are talking about humans who need well-rounded growth in order to be happy & healthy. Moving beyond simple aspects such as work hours, we see the need for social interaction, physical & mental well being, fulfillment, etc as the driving factors of a healthy balance.
In the future, as the concept of co-working grows in popularity, workspaces which strive to provide all the tools to achieve this work-life balance will be in high demand. At The Hive, we place our members’ wholesome growth as an utmost ideal & place all conceivable needs from retail outlets to fitness centers within arm’s length.
Employees are at their most productive when they’re happy & inspired. Any organization that prioritizes their employees’ happiness has it repaid manifold in the form of high productivity. Choosing the right workspace can make this task a breeze.
3. The workspace of the future is flexible
Traditional office spaces often come with hefty demands of security-deposit & lock-in periods which can seriously hamper an organization’s business growth. Capital that might otherwise have been invested in boosting business offerings & employee satisfaction is made inaccessible.
The financial advantages of co-working spaces are a major factor in their growing popularity. The Hive co-working spaces offer a membership model that only requires one month’s worth of membership fee as the security deposit. Leases can be as short or as long as you desire – with the minimum required tenancy being of just one month as well.
This flexibility is important to businesses in today’s day & age where things change rapidly & equal responsiveness is essential. Workspaces of the future will need to be flexible themselves in order to thrive, as organizations desert the traditional model of leasing along with all its disadvantages.
4. Technology intertwined with design
Any form of work in any category is today almost impossible to carry out without the aid of technology. Connectivity to the internet itself, which can sometimes be taken for granted, is a prime example. Of course, any workspace worth its salt meets this basic need but there’s much more to it than that.
Technology needs to be accessible – having the fanciest of workspaces means nothing if one suddenly finds themselves having to make a dash to find a charging spot for their laptop in a race against their battery running out. Intelligent design is necessary to foresee the ways in which members interact with their office space & to empower them in doing so.
High connectivity meeting rooms, telephones with VoIP technology, a member portal to address their needs, etc are a key part of The Hive’s co-working spaces. Booking conference rooms, accessing the space with a key card, modern printing stations – all our facilities are geared by design towards building a tech-empowered community.
Any workspace that wishes to thrive in the future must understand that technology is inseparable from today’s workforce demands. Incorporating it by design creates a better atmosphere for all.
5. Business services integrated into office space offerings
Organisations have multiple service requirements, both as a whole and for individuals that work within them. Countless productive hours can be lost in engaging resources that address needs such as postage, acquiring marketing material, bill payments, etc
Many enterprises engage third-party vendors to set up help desks that address these needs, but this is often unviable for startups or individual professionals. Co-working spaces often address these needs through the inclusion of concierge services in their membership plans.
Housekeeping & maintenance is another aspect that organizations are usually required to handle themselves in the traditional office space model. Co-working comes with the advantage of hassle-free maintenance, handled by the operators themselves.
The Hive provides a one-stop help desk which handles concierge services and a professional housekeeping & maintenance staff. We also maintain a list of preferred vendors for more specific requirements such as marketing collateral, which simplifies our members’ path to success.
6. Communities learn & grow together
An important aspect of co-working spaces is the sense of belonging to a community with similar aspirations & goals. Fostering a sense of belonging is important to any organization & futuristic workspaces that support them will be highly valued.
The Hive Collaborative Workspaces hosts a diverse range of activities that empower our members to grow in a holistic manner. A regular schedule of events features reputed speakers & performances that are accessible to all members. Monthly networking mixers hosted over dinner & drinks provide a platform for members & their invitees to grow professionally.
Our library sections hold a vibrant mix of bestsellers as well as business-related reading that empowers our community with knowledge. We’ve also had world-renowned authors, master chefs & more visit our space & interact with our starstruck community.
We truly believe that the future of work is tightly knit with holistic growth for each & every member of our community.
Are you an organizational leader with an eye on staying ahead of the changing future of works? Get in touch with us today to learn about our membership options & find the one that’s perfect for you!
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