Why are enterprises like IBM & Microsoft are moving to flexible workspaces?

Enterprises are the pinnacle of the business world, with empires often spanning multiple cities, countries & even time zones. In order for a complex enterprise to operate smoothly as one unit, functional agility becomes extremely important.

Real estate forms a significant part of the operational decisions taken by large enterprises like IBM & Microsoft. With cross-functional teams working around the clock & innovative pilot projects that require out-of-the-box thinking, flexible & shared office workspaces have become indispensable to enterprises.
Co-working workspaces or Flexible offices offer the perfect solution, providing the necessary flexibility & features without the bulk capital cost of setting up office space.
The Hive Collaborative Workspaces is a pan-India network of fully customised workspaces & shared offices for rent with centers live in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune & new ones coming up in NCR & Mumbai. We offer shared office space for rent through memberships for 1–50+ employee businesses along with a complete suite of services. Our customized office spaces are highly trusted by enterprises, blending the company ethos with our signature service.
Here we share 10 reasons why The Hive collaborative workspaces are an excellent choice for enterprise needs:
1. Minimize CAPEX costs
Capital expenditure (CAPEX) refers to the big-ticket investments that enterprises make into assets that are often fixed, such as office space. This doesn’t refer simply to space with 4 walls & a roof, but also additional facilities such as HVAC, plumbing, wiring, furniture, etc and their maintenance.
Flexible workspaces not only help enterprises save the entire CAPEX costs associated with setting up office space but also eliminate the hassles of maintenance.
It is important to note here that these expenses factor into tax calculations as expenditure on assets. Availing membership at our flexible workspaces and co-working office spaces can help you minimize CAPEX costs as well as utilize the freed up cash flow to effectively boost your business.
2. Minimize OPEX costs
Operational expenditure (OPEX) on the other hand refers to the costs incurred in day-to-day activities of enterprises. In terms of office space costs, it typically refers to rent, housekeeping & utility bills.
Fully managed workspaces & co-working office spaces available on rent, not only take care of these costs under a single membership-fee but also handle all the hassles of daily maintenance. Professional cleaning services, on-hand technicians, concierge services & more are all on hand to make your workspace experience stress-free. This empowers enterprise teams with the freedom to focus on tasks at hand, knowing all service requirements are just a phone call or click away.
Our collaborative workspaces offer membership plans that not only minimize office space expenses but also provide a holistic work environment. Read here to know more about how our enterprise members save >25% on their workspace requirements.
3. Networking & innovation
Enterprises are constantly looking for new ways to inspire & foster innovation to stay on top of the game. Flexible workspaces which are hotspots for startups act as the perfect bridge between enterprises and those they seek.
For some, this early movers’ advantage is a strategic tactic to advance their long term business interests as well. As an example, the advisory firm KPMG wants to be close to startups that could quickly scale up and become clients.
“Startups and high growth businesses are very different to large and established corporates, and we believe if it’s a market that you actively want to be in, you have to physically be there,” explains Patrick Imbach, head of KPMG Tech Growth.
4. Pilot projects & independent workers
One of the key features that differentiate the modern workforce from the previous era is the influx of independent workers – freelancers, contractors, developers, etc. They demand flexibility and flourish in a workspace that matches their personas.
Similarly, enterprises often test out various projects – some of which require the members to escape from the ‘groupthink’ mindset. At The Hive, we have seen enterprises successfully test projects and grow them into successful departments that occupy beautiful customized workspaces.
5.Serviced high-connectivity meeting rooms
Conference room services are of special importance to enterprises, which often host executives checking in on team progress. The boardroom meeting culture is also more prevalent in larger organizations than startups, who will sometimes gladly host theirs over lunch if convenient. This is of course in keeping with the nature of the discussions that enterprise meetings have, and flexible workspaces are sensitive to this need.
Our meeting room facilities are highly sought after and equipped to handle all our members’ needs. Our attention to detail, tech connectivity & professional service has drawn praise from leading executives across the world.
Customised private offices even allow businesses to infuse their own culture while enjoying the advantages of flexible workspaces and co-working offices.
6. Employee satisfaction & retention
Attracting & retaining top talent has always been a challenge that large enterprises have had to find fresh solutions for. This has only become even more important in the era of the startup-culture where more & more employees choose their organizations on the basis of holistic work environments. Any enterprise that fails to provide an atmosphere & work culture that caters to these evolving needs risks losing its best talent to a startup in the same field that does.
Flexible workspaces, as shared above, are hotbeds of innovation & culture in addition to providing all the amenities of traditional workspaces. The constant buzz generated from social events & peer interaction keeps members energetic, inspired & motivated. This also fosters a sense of community among the members, who often support each other in matters business & personal. In an era that’s increasingly buying into the sharing economy & values being part of a community, this is by itself a significant factor in choosing where they work.
Including flexible workspaces in their office portfolio also helps enterprises indicate flexibility to potential employees. This is another major factor that today’s workforce seeks from its employers and can help attract top talent to your organization.
7. Entering new markets
When we speak of large enterprises such as IBM, Microsoft & more, we are looking at organizations that are constantly expanding. Whether it is new geographical markets, product segments or in other ways, there is always the drive to try new things.
Traditionally, such activities, especially entering new cities, countries, etc. involved a high cost which also came with a significant risk associated with success or failure. With the advent of flexible workspaces, entering new markets becomes much less risky. Additionally, the above-discussed advantages of remote work & business networking increase the probability of success.
Several enterprises have effectively used this model to their advantage. Many are incorporating elements of open design into their own offices.
8. Low-security deposit & flexible memberships
At The Hive, we only collect a refundable security deposit of 1 month’s membership fee & the same 1 month as lock-in period. This provides you flexibility in terms of planning your membership, with multiple options even within our own space.
Whether your requirement is short-term or long-term, our workspaces & flexible membership agreements are geared to make you feel right at ease. Customized office spaces are especially popular with enterprises, providing both privacy and sense of community when necessary.
Choose flexible workspaces and free your capital to be invested in the growth & culture of your company.
In addition to flexible workspaces, enterprises are also choosing to incorporate open office layouts, colorful surroundings and more to meet the demands of the millennial workforce. Many businesses even use these flexible workspaces as a learning platform to incorporate such innovation into their workspace design.
Our membership plans start at Rs. 7,500/- per month, enabling a diverse set of professionals to enhance our community. We also host fully customized office spaces that serve as a launchpad for enterprise members that are on the hyper-growth path.
Call +91 70222 74000 or email to discuss your office space requirement with us. We would love to add you to our community of 1000+ happy members!
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